How Should I Clean this Drain?

Should I use a Chemical Cleaner? A chemical cleaner is never the answer. We will discuss why this is the case a little later. The simple fact that people share DIY recipes online to avoid using them should tell you something about the potential negative effects that are possible. There’s no shortage of professional services. Searching for, “drain cleaning huntington ny,” in your web bar will prove this. We are going to take a closer look at why chemical drain cleaners are such a bad idea. After this, we’ll take a look at why tools sold to consumers might not be any better. If you’ve got a clogged drain, please read further.

It All has to do with the Heat

They are all corrosive, and they all generate heat as they work! This is a good way to describe the chemical reaction that takes place with any given brand of drain cleaner. Newer homes are piped in CPVC. While it can handle heat to a high degree, do you really want to bombard your PVC pipes with a chemical level of heat every time there is a septic clog in the bathroom? Of course you don’t! Doing so could result in irreversible damage. Consider this, older homes have metal pipes and these typically fair even worse to the discussed chemical reactions. These reactions could cause metal pipping to further rust or corrode in a number of ways. Even some of the DIY methods that web bloggers share can cause such damage to occur if one is not careful.

What about getting a Snake from the Local Hardware Store?

In light of the damage that chemical cleaners could cause, some people get this idea. Why not buy the same tool that a plumber would use from the hardware store? This is certainly an option, but consider this. You won’t be buying the same tool that your plumber has! You will be buying a much smaller, much cheaper, much less effective version. Many professional plumbers have heard horror stories where people got these, “play snakes,” stuck inside a septic or drain pipe! You don’t want to create more problems that you began with when it comes to the plumbing within your home.

It’s all up to the Professionals

Any septic or drain issue that continues after trying the basics should be repaired by a licensed professional. This professional will have chemicals that don’t cause dangerous reactions and tools that are better suited for completing the chore. Also, if that guy’s snake gets stuck in your septic line then it’s his job to get it back out. If that hardware store snake gets stuck then it’s your job.

What about the DIY Solutions?

As far as the DIY solutions, I would leave it up to the baking soda and warm water mixture. If this didn’t work, I would immediately consult a professional. A backed up septic line or drain could easily affect the rest of the plumbing within your home if you don’t get it taken care of soon enough.