Irrigate Your Yards Today and Save on Water Bills

Water is the most essential resource; by virtue of which it commands unmatched value. Water provides life to every form of life on earth. It is responsible for the transpiration of nutrients from the soil to green plant tissues. It also helps maintain the turgidity of cell walls. It forms over 90% of the plant body. Plants synthesize foods to sustain themselves through photosynthesis, which is a process only valid in the presence of water. But without the sufficient supply of water, the entire mechanism of plants suffer. This is why we turn to irrigation, a process through which a controlled amount of water is supplied to plants. This process doesn’t only sustain plants and grass but also conserves water.

Irrigation uses artificial means such as pipes, ditches, sprinklers to supply water to the plants. It helps grow agriculture and maintain the landscape. This is especially important during the scarcity of rain. This is true of home gardens as much as it is true of agriculture fields.

Irrigation system installation Annandale VA at its simplest level presents water cans, drips, and sprinklers. Many homeowners today rely on advanced sprinklers that mimic the traditional irrigation systems but with added features. When it comes to watering plants in your yard or garden, the weather is not always reliable. Most homeowners make use of this technology as it spares them the headache of being regularly present at home to water the grass and plants. Home irrigation systems come equipped with automatic features that can be set up to start and turn off on their own at a particular timing. It may also have sensors that ensure the right amount of water is irrigated. Once the optimum amount is reached, the sensors will signal the sprinkler to turn off. In the event of rain, the irrigation system can detect if any more water is needed on top of it or not. The smart technology offers a lot of conveniences.

Traditionally, irrigation systems provide the following benefits:

– Eliminates irregular and insufficient water supplies and replace it with consistent watering in all areas.
– Increases the yield of crops in irrigated areas
– Provides moisture to ensure the germination of seeds, which will not happen in dry soil
– Enables multiple croppings in a year
– Enhances production & productivity
– Supplies the required amount of hydrogen & oxygen
– Allows more land to be brought under cultivation
– Minimize drought & famines resulting from insufficient rains

In a modern society like today, the same benefits of irrigation systems are retained but significantly added to. Homeowners must realize the importance of channeling water to areas where it is needed instead of allowing a lot of it to be wasted in the process. Irrigation provides that automatic calculation. It ensures the water that reaches the soil isn’t excessive, which in turn helps avoid the risk of erosion. The smart technology lets you set timers for watering the grass and plants at any time during the time. Since there’s an optimum time during the day when plants benefit the most from water, your smart irrigation system can be set to that time. So even if you’re not home, you won’t miss out on the benefit of this hour benefit.