Reasons Why I Got the Mice Removed from My Home

Some may think we can live amongst the critters in harmony. I didn’t officially try it but I did try to be in denial for a while. It didn’t work. I kept getting the proof that something was wrong. A constant reminder that something else was in the house with me. It wasn’t peaceful at all, and then it became very annoying and scary. I got the mice removed from my home because of the noise, the fear, and the mess.

Hearing Random Noises

Rodents, in general, can be noisy. I was sound asleep the first night I heard the scratching. I thought it would only last for a second or two but then it seemed to get louder and louder. They were in the walls scratching for something. I expected to wake up in the morning to find a huge hole in my wall. Then the next night they found an empty plastic bottle and they bit and clawed at it nonstop. This behavior went on for days and I found myself waking up exhausted from the tossing and turning because of the noise. I had to call an exterminator.

Living in Fear

The mice got bolder and bolder. I started to set traps, but they would eat the bait off and leave the trap there untouched. Soon, I would be lying in bed watching television and a mouse would poke his head out from under the dresser and look right at me. I don’t know what he was thinking, but I know I was scared, and he seemingly wasn’t. He looked at me until he was done looking, and then he moved on to whatever he was doing before. It was one thing for me to hear the noises. I always suspected the mice were there, but then when I saw them it made the fear real. After that encounter, I immediately looked for a mice extermination fairfax va company.

Cleaning Up Random Mess

I was tired of seeing little black dots when I would sweep my floor. There was only so much dust, but I always seemed to find droppings. I would also find little pieces of paper in shreds. It was getting more annoying than anything. My boxes had holes in them. Sometimes food boxes, and other times just boxes with papers in them. You could tell they had been bitten by something. I couldn’t believe in such a short period of time all of this chaos was happening. The exterminator was going to relieve me of my aggravation.

Mice in your home are pests, and they can be bothersome. They get into your walls, your closets, your dressers and they continue to move around. They also squeak if you’re listening in silence. I had to get mine removed because I couldn’t live with them. Reasons you might find yourself calling an exterminator for mice include the noise, the fear, and the mess. It was enough to drive anyone crazy.